Wednesday, June 21, 2017

1st Ramadhan in Melbourne


Assalamualaikum, Hye Everyone :) 

Alhamdulillah this Ramadhan brings so many blessings. Why? As I told you on the last entry, last month was quite hard for me. Yes very very hard. And i wonder why Allah put this burden on me? i cant even carry it. It's too hard terutamanya apabila satu situasi dimana jika kita letakkan kebergantungan kita terhadap manusia, kita pasti akan kecewa. and I am so depressed with it. On that time, I was very at my lowest breaking point.

Through this disappointment, this is how Allah is showing His love to me. to all sisters and brothers, yes everyone has their own difficult story. And for every hardship we face, we keep questioning why Allah did this to me? Why I should face this kind of difficulties? Remember, Allah is Mercy. Every tears will be replace with joy. Insyallah. 

Dan melalui surah Al-Dhuha, ada cerita dimana Allah menurukan ayat ini untuk Nabi Muhammad yang sedanga berada dalam kesedihan. And Allah said through this ayaah which are very beautiful for me.  

in this ayaat, I will make it simple for you guys. Sorry if kali ni entry agak serius it just I feel this is very important to share with people. Okay, we can see that Allah is mercy through this surah. 

Ad-Duhaa (1,2,3: 186)

Obviously. Allah tak sama dengan manusia. sayang macam mana sekalipun sesorang terhadap kita, suatu hari kita pasti akan ditinggalkan atau kita yang meninggalkan seseorang. But Allah is different. He says : 

By the morning brightness (93 : 1)
Demi waktu Dhuha (Ketika matahari naik tinggi segalah) 

and (by) the night when it covers with darkness (93 : 2)
Dan demi malam apabila telah sunyi

"Your Lord has not taken leave of you (O Muhammad)
 nor has he detested (you)" (93 : 3) 
"Tuhanmu tidak meninggalkan engkau (Muhammad)
 dan tidak pula membencimu" (93:3)

So, ask yourself. Is there anyone to whom we can be close? I mean, truly close? 
dari mulanya matahari naik sampailah digantikan dengan malam yang gelap dan sunyi, Allah tekankan bahawa dia tidak pernah dan tidak akan meninggalkan kita dan tidak juga membenci kita. Was'nt it beautiful? :') 


Al-Baqarah (2 : 186)
Well I would like to share with you guys my most favourite ayaah in Quran. Mempunyai peringatan hampir sama dengan Surah Dhuha. Tapi kali ini Allah bicarakan di awal permulaan Al-Quran dalam surah Al-Baqarah. Which this meant kalau kita cuba study lebih dalam tentang Al-Quran, insyallah we will find that Allah reminds us so many times that He is with us. And He will never leave us.

"Dan apabila hamba-hambaKu bertanya kepadamu tentang aku, maka jawablah bahawasanya aku adalah dekat." (surah 2, ayat 186) 

Tbh this is my very first most remarkable ayaah when I first started to learn the Quran tafseer around 2 years ago. Such a simple words but the way Allah directly talk to me tru this ayaah it is such a booster for me to keep craving and finding Him. Sebab sejujurnya aku masih belum kenal Tuhan aku. 

Ad-Duhaa (4,5: 186)

Ad-Duhaa (6,7,8: 186)

Ad-Duhaa (9,10: 186)

Ad-Duhaa (11: 186)

Well im not a pious person to talk about this deeper but im pretty sure this will worth to share. And hoping whoever feel sad and sorrow don't be shy untuk bukak Al-Quran semula dan bercakap dengan Allah sendiri. we are the caller. so call him. Talk to him. 

when is the good time to call Allah? 
whenever. This is the 'invitation' of Allah. Doesn't matter if you don't have a good quality of Muslim cuz Allah will always listen to You. Even me, myself. Im not a good person. If people knows the real I am, they gonna hates me. Seriously. But Islam is beautiful as Allah is full of mercy. Dia tutup keaiban kita sebab Dia tahu fitrah manusia yang sebenarnya sukakan kecantikan bukan keburukan.

Well yeah I pray to Allah insyallah Tuhan akan kembalikan perasaan gembira tu semula right after we figure out these simple ayaah. 

Shawwal 1436 in Melbourne 

So alhamdulillah tarikh satu Syawal telah pun dikeluarkan oleh BOIV (Board of Islam Victoria) padam 14th July baru baru ini. Dan yeah this is my first shawwal here :) And I would like to congratulate to all Muslims around the world yang telah berjaya melalui proses latihan 30 hari di bulan Ramadhan. Yes it is a train camp for all Muslims. So this is the reason why we need to fast. To get taqwa. Taqwa is a word from Riqayah. which means = Protection (to protect yourself)

Allah gives us fasting to protect ourselves. This 30 days of train is very important bagi yang memikirkan. It is important because when the fasting is over now in Shawwal, youre ready and able to control what you want. It's like the entire excercise. U fight everything : eyes, mouth, tongue, desires, hormones and everything. 

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