Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ramadhan Kareem :)


Been busy.

But Im back :)

ughh these past few days Ive been totally busy. No actually, until now. And I... dont seem to be handling this things in a right way. Take for example my Design Project. It is of course, known that I'll only be given a limited time to complete the requirements. I have no time for having fun with my buddies, family and with the love one. Yes. Sad life :( But Im giving the best out of everything and force myself to deal with it in the right ways.

my last project was RETAIL DESIGN. 

I have a pretty cool project in my Interior Design III class. For the 2nd project, we have been hired as a retail designer. We have to come up with a bombastic design for the visual merchandising, window display and blah blah shit. 

The first step was to pick one of the famous retails. After picking the company, we had to sketch our ideas for the retail and naaaaa so tired to type just take a look.

 okay see this. Im wearing 'Kurtu', it was an Indian traditional wear. look fit on me huh? LOL. Sumpah totally macam indian kan. One of my friends, idji. Datang2 jer studio tiba2 cuit aku. Then he said " Vanakkam" BANGANG TAK BANGANG.

 Duhh in a little time alhamdulillah luckily I was managed to finish my retail project well it wasnt a great enough but the feedback I got was more than enough. Profs do love it. But I have to keep up the good work on my perspective too bad I guess and my dad told me that all of my drawings need to improve much much better cause it sucks and too horrible he said. 

Well the most important is,,,
  im home:) there's nothing more lovely when you're with the love one in this Ramadhan Kareem. Do Suhoor together and breaking the fast with bless. 

 I makan lauk kampung kampung jer yunk :)

 pemalas tau oren ni , Geram rasa nak kunyah kepala dia. nomnomnomm :P


Ahmad syafiq said...

Awesome Gila Drawing kau, Down ar camni -.-

Tashalecka-lecka said...

alaaa kau pun apa kurangnya apik. Apa lah down konon. har har har. Tapi bapak aku cakap detailing aku banyak salah lah weyh.

Anonymous said...

GREAT publish and impressive in turn …will bear a try all the tips..Thanks……

thera zubir said...

nampak macam dah tukar meja makan. Baguslah raya tahun ni takdela terjongket aku makan kat rumah kau hahahahahaha

Tashalecka-lecka said...

Kau nak salahkan meja mak aku pahal. kau yang pendek sebab tu terjongket har har har.