Monday, October 31, 2011

She is the real Natasha.


You know sometimes people are messing us. They said we were wrong we were blah blah blah, and they always put the blame on us. So here, people stop judging me. Im okay to be judge but if You do not know A thing about me. Then zip your mouth.

Maybe they wannabe like Mr.Know it All. Ughhh!!!  *snipping my fingers, Hello!

I am ME once more.

believe my dear, there must be a portion of Barbie inside every girl, So ignore the boys who talks bitchy about You, judging your appearance. the way You dress up and blah blah blah, they were just double loser. Just take it as a motivation for You to keep moving on and be a better person :)

"You are beautiful.No matter what they said"

"If You are afraid of People not liking You when You are being Yourself, then why bother???" text is taken from here :)

And when people start judging u and Youre gonna feel like this. 

.Am I right? hahaha. sorry if not! hahah!



sniffa93 said...

bunyi macam serious:D

aha. part gambar makan hati tuh..sangat mendalam maksudnya.

nat. tash. tasha. Natasha i'm in love with your arts!

sangat smart weh..:)

Tashalecka-lecka said...

LOL, ahahahahaha.thanks, Tapi cepatlah FOLLOW saya SNIFFA! beta menunggu nih :D hahahahah,

Ahmad syafiq said...

kenapa kau pandai lukis, -,-

Tashalecka-lecka said...

Syafiq,,,dah tuhan kurnia bakat celah tu. Semua orag ada kelebihanmasing masing. Kau pun pandai melukis. Bukan aku tak tau. :)

sniffa said...

done following you!

2 acc terus aku follow okeh. HAHA:D