Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Penglipur 'lara' (S O L A C E)


Memories. Yes memang susah nak lupa apa pun jenis memori or dengan siapa pun memori tu. Yang kenal sebulan pun susah untuk lupa. sakit untuk lepaskan. apa lagi kalau yang dah bertahun tahun. I feel my self so into this short film. Tak exactly lah just macam yeah kita human being normal lah kan kalau bercinta or suka someone. Especially for those yang pernah ada memories with us. 

Lagi sakit bila kenapa semua berakhir dengan cara macam ni? Okay. I am a broken-hearted person. Sangat sangat. And I dont trust in love but I truly understand the message in this shortfilm. Make my tears drop. T_T 

Forbidden love is very hurtful. 
Letting go is hurtful too. 

 but how about someone You really like. Left You... Being apart... No respond. Silent... cuz he/she think that is the best way? don't they know it is the most painful part? I wish You'd never tell me those three words.  Hate that I love You so :'( enjoy lah this link. for You guys. Thanks for reading perasaan aku yang bodoh ni . kalau yang bacalah. :'D This link buat aku teringat dengan my first love. So you guys pun akan teringat dengan your first love. BUKAN yang in present okayy. Tapi kalau yang present ni your first love awwwww. that is sweet. <3 enjoy the journey with him/her. appreciate them while they're here with you and dont ever take love for granted. 

REMEMBER guys...You cant test the water. You have to jump in with both feet. Doing things by half will get you nowhere. Every risk we take is a lesson that we'll carry with us for the rest of our life. Wether it worked out or not. If You love her. Show her. If You miss him, say it. Make things happen for You :) GOD knows there is no one else would do it for You. Only You and Yourself. So, go. You have something to do. Jump in. Makesure You know how to swim if its deeper than your thought :) LOL. Im giving the speech about love blah blah blah but Im the one who's stuck in love,wtf. Anyway thanks for reading guys.

*Nah! watch this! <3

"You're not a bee. But you'd sting my heart."



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